Thursday, 25 February 2016

Zero Music Review - Zero Tamil movie songs review

Movie: Zero

Cast: Ashwin Kakumanu,Sshivada,JD Chakravarthy

Director: Shiv Mohaa

Music director: Nivas K.Prasanna

1.Uyire Un Uyirena-Anirudh Ravichander

The first thing that strikes you about this song is Anirudh's melodious avatar! He is simply spontaneous in emoting the heartwarming feelings associated with this number. The engaging flute bits, mellowing piano notes, mild rhythms and enthralling violin sections are Nivas K.Prasanna's signature style. The entire track is bedecked with beautiful strings that provide an enchanting aura to the tune. Has the potential to become a love anthem!

2.Veredhuvum Nijamae Illai-Haricharan

Beginning with an elegant grand piano piece, this one is yet another heartrending melody. The strength of the song lies in Haricharan's honey-dipping rendition which engulfs the listeners in utter calmness. Nivas K.Prasanna imbues a guitar section in the interlude which adds to the WOW factor of the song. Once again the flute sections rule the entire number. Soul-stirring!

3.Engae Ponai-Vijay Prakash,Neeti Mohan

Cellos! Awww, how refreshing it is to listen to a piece of soulful Cello in the prelude. Nivas offers yet another beautiful love ballad. His orchestration deserves a special applause here - the mild classical guitar section interspersed with tabla beats in the interlude. Though Vijay Prakash aptly brings out the pain element in this pathos, it is Neeti Mohan's whispery rendition that will linger on the minds of the listeners. An addictive pathos!

4.You Are In My Heart-Natalie Di Luccio

An out and out English track finds a place in the album. The euphonious voice of the Aila Aila girl Natalie Di Luccio elevates the melodiousness of the song. Especially her operatic crescendo towards the end is top class. Nivas weaves a scintillating tune which has an international feel to it because of the ebullient strings, dulcet grand piano notes and violins.

5.Indha Kadhal Illaiyel-Nivas K.Prasanna

The only fast paced track of this album. However, Nivas retains the melodic factor by yielding the megaphone by himself. His carefree singing is punctuated by a radiant chorus, a steady rhythm pattern and his trademark piano, guitar and strings. A perfect finale to the soundtrack.


Though Nivas K.Prasanna's previous outing Sethupathi might have been mediocre, he bounces back with an appealing soundtrack which is overloaded with soulful melodies. The album is sure to top the charts!

Rating: ****


Uyire Un Uyirena,Veredhuvum Nijamae Illai,Engae Ponai