Friday, 19 February 2016

Uriyadi Music Review

Movie: Uriyadi

Cast: Vijay Kumar,Mime Gopi,Citizen Sivakumar,Chandru

Director: Vijay Kumar

Music director: Masala Coffee

1.Kaantha-Sooraj Santhosh,Masala Coffee,Varun Sunil

Kaantha is a brilliant experimentation from Masala Coffee. Rehashing their own Kappa TV musical video by replacing the Malayalam lyrics with Tamil, the band has composed an eclectic mix of sounds, based on the classical raga Sahana. Sooraj Santhosh's Carnatic rendition along with Varun Sunil deserves a standing ovation, while the usage of Kazoo in the prelude is an innovative thought. Simply addictive!

2.Maane Maane-Anthony Daasan,Masala Coffee

Once again Kazoo makes its way in this number too. And it actually saves this song from turning into a stereotyped folk number. Though one cannot miss the blandness of the tune, it is pepped up by Anthony Daasan's rustic rendition and the lively electric guitar strums in the background.

3.Agnikunjondru-Sooraj Santhosh,Masala Coffee

Bharathiyar's enriching poem gets an alternative rock makeover in this number. Masala Coffee whips out a exotic classical-rock fusion with the brilliant usage of live drum beats, screeching hard rock guitar strums and a steady paced rhythm. Sooraj Santhosh sounds heavenly in his Carnatic avatar. Exquisite piece!


Masala Coffee's debut in tinsel town has recreations of their own musical videos from Kappa TV. The songs are a new experience for Kollywood listeners and that makes this short album immensely enjoyable.

Rating: ***3/4



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