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Tuntari Songs Review

Movie: Tuntari

Cast: Nara Rohit,Latha Hegde

Director: Kumar Nagendra

Music director: Sai Karthik

1.Diamond Girl-Yazin Nizar

Sai Karthik offers a breezy solo at the start of the album. The lyrics of the number denote the hero's wooing tactics. With engaging guitar strums, interesting string sections in the interludes and a trance-like feel, this number is sure to stay on your playlists for a long time. Yazin Nizar's carefree singing is peppered with classical touches occasionally. Heartwarming melody!

2.Rajuke Raja-Simha

An out and out mass number is up next. Going by the lyrics, this seems to be the introduction song for the hero. The song is replete with foot-tapping commercial beats, nadaswaram sections, synthesizers in the interlude and Simha's hoarse vocals. A passable potboiler.

3.Ding Dong Darling-MLR Karthikeyan,Divija Kartheek

Since the movie is a remake of Maan Karate, the Darling Dambakku equivalent comes in the form of this song. Every aspect of this number sounds like the Tamil version, except the slight deviation in the tune, the presence of two charanams and the lead singers who perform fabulously. Especially Divija Kartheek's mellowed rendition is something to look out for.

4.Adagaledani-Sai Charan,Deepthi Parthasarathy

This one is a fast-paced romantic duet which is punctuated with a steady rhythm and ear-pleasing string section in the interludes. This number also has a trance-like atmosphere and the repetitive 'O mere jaana' line is addictive. The singers Sai Charan and Deepthi Parthasarathy croon with elan. Though the number is similar to many Tollywood love numbers, it has a tinge of classicism to it. Likeable one!

5.Konaseema-Tippu,Geetha Madhuri

Yet another mass number finds a place in the album. But this time the arrangement is a western one. Tippu renders his lines with power while Geetha Madhuri's voice suits well for a dance tune like this one. The song has all elements for a commercial Telugu item song and will go down well with the front-benchers. 


This remake of Maan Karate has a decent album composed by Sai Karthik. Though there is nothing to boast of, the numbers are passable and chartbuster materials.

Rating: ***  (3 /5)


Diamond Girl,Adagaledani


  1. Thanks for posting the "Tuntari" movie Music Review. I listen the songs. These songs are superb. To know the Latest movie updates.

  2. Thuntari is the remake of a Tamil super hit movie called Maan Karate starring Shivakarthikeyan and Hansika Mothwani. The director, Kumar Nagendra has done a good job in keeping the story as close to its’ original, without making too many changes. Nara Rohith, with his natural acting and good comic timing has done a commendable job. As he now looks a little chubby, he could pull off the non-boxer, vagabond role quite well. The heroine, Latha Hegde needs to brush her acting skills, as a few frames made her look like a lost teenager. The supporting cast of Vennela Kishore, Poojitha Ponnada and others have done their roles well, making the movie interesting to watch. The only person with a negative shade, Kabir Duhan Singh has live the role of a well built boxer really well. The comedy carried out in the movie is very decent and certainly tickles your funny bones. Ali’s special entry as a referee for the tournament is really something that you need to watch out for. You can see the complete movie Tuntari Review at

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